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This is PORN so If you are under 18, please leave now. Mr. Dirty. Straight. Expressing my sex ideas in the red text posts you can find in the link below: Reblog them as you please but don't post them as your own. MY RED TEXT POSTS.


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After some thought, I created a subreddit for myself and fellow porn gif makers on Tumblr.  It’s extremely barebones right now but will hopefully improve over time.  If you regularly make your own porn gifs, feel free to be part of the community and help spread the word.

The subreddit can be used for many purposes, including:

  • Informing the community of blog deletion or address change
  • Finding the source of gifs
  • Finding out new/better methods for making gifs
  • Showing off new gifs
  • Finding out about new porn sites or performers
  • Warning about gif jackers
  • Random discussion about porn and whatever
  • Using Reddit to potentially increase your blog’s traffic

Basically, it’s by pervs for pervs.  Also I need mods, especially if it stays open to the public.

(via hotpositions)